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Technical Information
High Performance Colored Transparent Polyester Window Films
Reflective, Translucent and Opaque Polyester Back-up Window Films
High performance polyester (PET) film deep-dyed colored and laminated with optically clear adhesives for the application to glass surfaces only. The materials are UV treated (weathered) for long term sun exposure and designed for multi-layered overlaying applications. The reflective films (back-up films) are coated with various inert metals for blocking the suns rays as an energy efficient product and to increase the projection of visible light. The Etch, white-out and black opaque films are applied to create variations of translucency and can be used separately or in combinations with any other film. Combinations of films can be applied in up to six layers creating millions of color-reflective/transparency/translucency color and graphic effects.
Laminated to the films are solvent based polyacrylic permanent adhesives. These adhesives are optically clear for high visible observations and each film is lined with a silicone liner to protect the adhesives during storage and application usage. The adhesive(s) is treated with UV inhibitors for longer lasting performance during direct sun exposures. There are two types of adhesives used with our films materials; pressure sensitive (PS) and detactified pressure sensitive (DPS). PS adhesive is sticky to the touch when you pull the liner off, like scotch tape. DPS adhesive, applied to some of the older films, is a pressure sensitive adhesive coated with a detactifying agent. When you peel the liner off a DPS film, you can not feel the adhesive, then by spraying (watering) down the film, the detactifying agent washes off and the adhesive can be felt. The detactifying agent acts as a PS protector and as a slipping agent for easier installation. Do not spray a DPS film-graphics/lettering prior to pulling the film liner-it is best to pull the film liner dry then spray. Caution; Letters and graphics do not stick to glass as easy with DPS films when using transfer tapes because of the extra DPS slipping agent solution. Color films with a DPS adhesive are indicated next to sample, all other films are PS, also indicated.
Most all of the color films are 60” wide. Some of the films also come in 48" wide rolls.  Call us for available sizes 1-800-869-8468.  Width sizes are listed next to each color sample. All film materials should be stored in cool and dry places.
Materials are applied wet, using a specific soap solution. A basic version of the installation process and mixing the soap solution can be found on our web site at These films materials are specially designed to be used with (CAS) computer-aided-sign making equipment. Most all high end plotters makes and models can cut these films. (.25 degree blade is best). Lettering and black outlines can be applied with low-tack transfer tape. Lightly burnish with your hands only.
Limited Warrantees
Solar Graphics film materials are warranted for a period of five years from the date of film purchase on inside installations and warrantee for a period of one year from the date of film purchase on outside applications Auto film applications are warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If the film products are deemed as defective, Solar Graphic’s sole and exclusive obligation is to provide to the dealer the replacement graphics, copyplates and film materials in order to replace the design on the windows. Users are responsible for all other costs associated with the replacement including but not limited to the labor or installation cost. In no event shall Solar Graphics be liable for or responsible for any costs, expenses, losses or damages that are in any way related to the designs, the quality of the designs, the use of the designs, any defect in the designs or any failure of the designs to perform as represented or expected that are installed by a user. The warrantee shall be voided and Solar Graphics shall not be liable for any losses, damages, expenses or costs that are totally or partially caused by (1) the use of non-tested film product(s) or other manufactures film products in conjunction with the Solar Graphics film products; (2) improper application or installation of the products; (2) abuse of the products or designs; or (3) improper care or treatment of the designs. Locally, we have a few window designs still up (inside installed) in the direct western (sun) exposure installed in 1984 (23 years) and outside installs still up for over 10 years.
Notice to Auto Tinters
Solar Graphics films materials were designed to be applied in multi-layers and back up with the silver, gold, white, etch or smoke (back-up) films, All back-up films are Scratch Resistance (SC) Coated. Most of the colors are not SC because they are usually backed-up with a back-up film. So using colors without the back-up film will leave the non- protected film expose to the elements. The films haven't faded yet but can be scratched upon application and during usage on the side windows of auto glass. A new clean squeegee helps prevent application scratches, but only careful usage can prevent usage scratches. Most Pro auto tinters have been successful installing custom color auto applications on show cars, but the customer needs to be informed before installation about the properties of non-SC window film materials. The scratch resistant films are indicated with a “SC”. All future color lamination runs will be SC. Even though Solar Graphics has color and graphics applications on autos for over seven years without failure, the warrantee for auto applications is one year from the date of purchase.
Architectural Applications & Custom Colors
A large application market for color films is the Architectural Glass on buildings for new and retrofit or redesigns. Contact Solar Graphics for special color matches and applications. We can manufacture any film construction. New film materials can be formulated for color spectral, VLT (visible Light Transmission, UV, IR-heat blockage-metal laminates and security-laminated thickness 2mil to 14mils. Contact through the Solar Graphics Tech Department by email.

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  Cherry Red          Sunburst
    48" Wide
            48" Wide
                              Call to order.

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Sunset Prism 50
Blue Chrome Reflective
Egyptian Blue
Meadow Green
Jade Green
Blue Lagoon
Mandarin Amber
Kiwi Green
Cool Blue
Summer Blue
Gold 15 -
4 Mil Exterior Weathable