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Decorative Architectural Window Film

Solar Graphics is celebrating over 30 years of window film insight and innovative experience.  We help designers plan, evaluate,
and integrate colored and reflective window film products into exterior and interior building glass design. 

Functional aesthetics, Solar Graphics window films are used for decorative designs on glass to create the look you want.
Illuminate the interior or exterior glass of a building to give old glass new life.  Our window films are energy
efficient and block 79-98% heat and UV (qualifying for LEED points)

Solar Graphics color window films can be overlaid to match thousands of colors needed.
Create design with pure transparent, translucent, or opaque transmissions.

Evergreen Construction - St Martin's School - Colored Leaf Canopy Design

Architectural Colored Film on Interiors and Exteriors
Architectural Window Film

      $125 (48" x 100')
           Graphic Film

               Cherry Red
                 48" Wide

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