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Printable Authorized Training Application (Page 1 and Page 2) - To be faxed back (727)321-6004

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For experience window tinters and sign companies ONLY

We offer Authorized Dealer Training for experienced business companies only (People who have experience in tinting/signage and may have their own cutting/plotting production and design equipment.)

 Qualifications apply.
 For a printable Authorized Training Applications, click here: (Page 1 and Page 2) Fax to: 727-321-6004
 Services and products are discounted for Authorized Dealers.
 Unlimited dealer phone / e-mail technical and support / Phone design and layout support / Marketing support.
 Design / layout support is limited to 4 hours per month for one year (non-accumulative)
 Three-Day Authorized Dealer Training Package (Three-Day Seminar Itinerary)
  • Comprehensive hands-on & class training
  • Covering window film industry & market education
  • Installation techniques / Inside & Outside Installations / In-shop Prefabs / Lettering, Borders, Multi-layered Graphics, etc...
  • Sales / marketing / costing of storefront window designs
  • Computer training on Flexi Design for color layouts and design process - Do your own layouts!
  • Detailed training manual with Color Chart
  • One Leather bound portfolio
  • SGX Dealer DVD 3-Disc Package (1,000s of layouts, graphics, & pictures for storefront presentations)
 Optional Business Costs:
      Flexi Design Software (The Design Program that DOES NOT run production plotters)                                                                        
      Flexi Expert Software (A Design Program that runs production plotters)
      60" DGI cutting / production plotter & accessories (other production plotters online)
      One Training Installation Tool Kit
      Marketing Flyers (purchase as you need)
      Start-up Inventory and Supplies (purchase as you need)


For all other perspective dealers not in the window film industry

For people that have very limited or no experience in these industries, equipment, and programs, we offer our Complete Solar Graphics Authorized Training Package.

 Services & products are itemized for all or partial purchases.
 Select items as needed to total your dealer program cost.
This is the Complete Authorized Training Package, which adds production & design training and spends more time on all facets of the window designing business.
 Support is limited to 8 hours per month for 1 year (including layout hours) & is non-accumulative
 Five-Day Authorized Dealer Training Package
  • Comprehensive hands-on & class training
  • Covering industry & market education
  • Installation techniques
  • Sales / marketing / costing
  • Color / layout / design process
  • Detailed training manual
  • Leather bound portfolio
  • SGX Dealer DVD 3-Disc Package (1,000s of layouts, graphics, & pictures for storefront presentations)
 60" DGI production cutting / plotter & accessories 
 Flexi Design Software Expert Version 8.0
 Two tool kits
Dealer Training DOES NOT include the cost associated with transportation & room & board.  Solar Graphics does provide lunches during training.

      $125 (48" x 100')
           Graphic Film

               Cherry Red
                 48" Wide

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