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RC-3 Vivarium Film

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Price: $22.00
Width of Material: 60" Wide
Item Number: 3280
NOTE: FILM ONLY | Priced per linear foot (LF)
Description of Quantity: Quantity is the length in LF

RC-3 Vivarium Film

Specialty Medical Window Film for Lab Research & Study on Rodents

Learn more about RC-3 Vivarium Films!    Click Here to get a FILM SAMPLE!    Click Here to view the SPEC SHEET!

RC-3 Vivarium Film (formally called Rose Chocolate) is used on glass and clear polycarbonate materials to filter out the UV blue-green light spectrum (200-580um).  Successful applications of RC-3 create controlled light conditions for lab situations such as: nocturnal animals living in cages.  Usage for, but not limited to: lab windows, doors, cages, cubicles, light fixtures, and bulb covers.  RC-3 is constructed of laminated dyed color polyester films designed for the control of specific spectral light and transmission levels and heat treated with UV inhibitors.  RC-3 is then laminated with an acrylic adhesive for applications to glass and polycarbonates and coated with a scratch resistant coating.  Wavelength readings are tested on the Filmstar Report Generator (Spectrogard Model 96).  Scratch coating tests are per AMTM D1044 "Standard Test Method for Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion".   Field life is 25 to 35+ years for interior applications.

This film is designed for long-lasting application to (but not limited to) glass.  Material is applied wet, using a specific soap solution.


A solvent-based polyacrylic permanent adhesive is laminated to the film.  The adhesive is optically clear for high visible observations and is treated with UV inhibitors for long-lasting performance.  All films are lined with a silicone liner to protect the adhesive during storage and application.

Scratch Coating:

Solar Graphics films are covered with a scratch-resistant coating to ensure long-lasting protection from cleaning and wear and tear.  These coatings may show an iridescence or "pearlescent" look on the inside surface due to reactions to some fluorescent or artificial lighting under high-contrast conditions.  Changing to a whiter light source like full spectrum bulbs or LEDs helps neutralize these patterns.

.Rose Chocolate RC-3 Specialty Medical Window Film for Lab Research of Rodents

Rose Chocolate RC-3 Specialty Medical Window Film for Lab Research of Rodents
Terms & Conditions on Sale:

All statements, technical information and recommendations are based on field tests and usage of the product for the past 30 years.  Accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed, and the following statement is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied.  The seller shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage, direct or consequential arising out of the use, application, or inability to use the product.  Before using, user shall determine the usability, application, environment, and suitability of the product for its intended use.

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      $125 (48" x 100')
           Graphic Film

               Cherry Red
                 48" Wide

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