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RC-3 (Double Pane Glass)

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Item Number: 3280
    RC-3 (Double Pane Glass)   CLICK HERE TO VIEW SPEC SHEET

RC-3 Vivarium Film (triple UV coated) double pane tempered safety glass is used in vivariums to control the UV blue-green light spectrum between 300-580um and visible light transmittance.  Applications of RC-3 create controlled light conditions for labs using nocturnal animals.  RC-3 double pane glass is constructed of two 1/8", 1/4", or 1/2" combinations of tempered glass. Surface #2 is laminated with RC-3 and the panels are sealed together with Permastik Acrylic HBT (1mm) Glass Seal Tape.

The 1/8" double pane safety glass is 1/4" (<7mm) and the 1/4" double pane tempered construction is about 13mm.  Other constructions can be specified and made for 9/16" and 3/4".  The structural glass seal tape is 1mm.  Wavelength readings are tested on the FIlmstar Report Generator. (Spectrogard Model 96).  Usages include but are not limited to:  Door windows, isolation cubicles, vivarium windows.

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      $125 (48" x 100')
           Graphic Film

               Cherry Red
                 48" Wide

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