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Invisi-Film Standard (ST) - 9600

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Price: $11.00
NOTE: $14 Price Per Linear Foot (LF) for 60" Wide film material
Item Number: 9600
Invisi-Film Standard (ST)
Clear, aliphatic ( Carbon Atom Chain ) 6 mil paint protecting urethane designed for applications on automotive paint surfaces.  The user friendly, strong and repositionable adhesive combined with the perfect stretchability make for a fast and easy installation.‚Äč

Benefits of Invisi-Film ST.
  • Superior stretch
  • Clarity
  • Repositionable
  • Easy to cut by hand or plotter

Thickness 150- Microns (6 Mil)- Without Adhesive
Bulk Hardness- Shore 93A- ASTM D-2240 
Tensile Strength -34.5 MPa (5,000 PSI)- ASTM D-412
Elongation at Break- 550%- ASTM D-412 
Adhesive- Acrylic High- Tack Removable 
Adhesive Peel Force -630-1025 gm/cm (3.75 - 5.75 lbs/in.)- PSTC 101
Liner- 75 Microns (3 Mil)- Siliconized Polyester
Liner Peel Force- 6-9.85 gr/cm. (0.03-0.06 lb/in)- ASTM D-3300

      $125 (48" x 100')
           Graphic Film

               Cherry Red
                 48" Wide

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